Youth Board and Social Action

Our Streetwise Youth Board is YOUR opportunity to make a difference in your local Community and the Wider World around you. Youth Board is a space where your views are heard and acted upon. We support and develop ongoing Social Action Projects where we meet together to help improve lives, raise awareness and solve problems that are important to Young People in their communities.

We want YOU to be involved in the design and commissioning of Services that we deliver.

We want to work with Young People to inform, influence and change Policies, Practices, Commissioning and raise awareness of issues that are important to Young People. Issues that matter include; Climate Change, Hate Crime, Misogyny Food Poverty or whatever issue or challenge you feel passionate about… Together we can change the world!


Here’s one our young people made earlier…

Speak Out Together 2 Distract – YouTube

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Contact Us
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Unit 3 Blackfriars Court, Dispensary Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4XB
Registered Charity no: 1058360
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